1.5 – 31.5 10.00 – 18.00

1.6 – 31.8 10.00 – 22.00

1.9 – 29.9 10.00 – 18.00

We are closed for a private event on 15.6.2019

The history of Salteriet

Salteriet ( translates to salting-house from Swedish language) was build in 1920 by the people of its village. The salt barels were brought to the same place from the boathouses of the people in the village. This move was made in order to have a larger amount of salt barrels in the same location. In Salteriet’s best days the fish brought in by the fishermen lead up to 115 000 kg of fish. The fish includes Baltic herring, salmon, perch and pike.


The salting of the fish in Salteriet restaurant ended in 1989. The deep-water fishing harbour of Vikarskat was built in 1994 in order for the bigger boats to port in. There used to be the main office of the salting-house where now there is the cafe of Salteriet. The main hall was used for the salting of the fish and the warehouse was where they used to clean the fish. The local youth club of the village Björköby started the cafe business in Salteriet and they run it accordingly untill the year 2012.  


The recent owner bought the Salteriet at the end of the year 2016. Salteriet has a small museum located in the upstairs of the building. The museum is run by and taken care of by the Björköby ancient relic association.

Currently happening


At the cafe you can order food that is prepared from ingredients that are bought locally. When in Finland you can always count on to enjoy a cup of coffee with fresh baked pastries. The owner is quite the baker – take my word for it! Out on the terrace is the perfect place to enjoy a cold drink or two while taking in the unique athmosphere of the World Heritage site in all its glory. Seeing the beautiful sunset is a must.


You can book Salteriet for a wedding, meetings or even for a birthday party.


Experience packages

Björköby bike tour. Bike through the idyllic Björköby with experienced guide. You can also visit the Mårten’s Museum and the old wood church of Björköby. The tour will end at the Cafe & Restaurant Salteriet where lunch is served.

Price: 40€ per person (minumum 3 persons)

Equipment rental

You can rent a special World Heritage bike that can be used to ride along the Kvarken Archipelago.

Price: bike rental 8€/day or 4€/4 hours

The helmet is included in the rent price.
You can also rent a fishing rod and a bucket for 3 euros.


Fisher guide will lead you/your group in on the secrets of fishing in the challenging World Heritage site waters. The fish are waiting! Fishing permit and dinner at the Cafe Restaurant Salteriet are included in the price.

Price: 200€ + 50€ for 3-4 hours (Maximum 2 persons)
350€ + 50€ for 3-4 hours (Minimum 3 persons and maximum 4 persons)

For companies

Arrange a business meeting in unique setting.


Eat and drink at Salteriet!

The café also offers self-made buns, archipelago bread and other pastries


Roe of pike, bread in archipelago style á la Salteriet, egg, sour cream, onions and dill
9.00 €

Apple, celery, and black currant (horse tenderloin carpaccio)
7.50 € / (9.00 €)

Whitefish with nettle and onion cream cheese
9.00 €

Main course

Fried white fish, seasonal vegetables, boiled potatoes and butter sauce á la Salteriet
17.00 €

Traditional creamy salmon soup á la Salteriet with home made bread
12.80 €

Burgers with french fries (locally produced meat / fried perch / goat cheese from Vatajanranta)
17.00 €


Brulé with sea buckthorn
9.00 €

Home made ice cream with honey and ice cream of goat milk from Vatajanranta with rhubarb
9.50 €

Cafe & Restaurant Salteriet

Salteriet: +358 45 148 6677
Björkövägen 1011, 65870 Björköby, Svedjehamn